Micro Mini Skirt

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Micro Mini Skirt Floral Print Chiffon Mini Skirt

This cute little floral micro mini skirt should be worn with 3 to 4 inch heels. Make your legs look their best. Get the attention that you deserve.

The flared skirt gives your legs space to move unimpeded. This short skirt will bounce when you walk which will give your legs that little bit of extra exposure. You will look “alive” when walking. Be like the springs flowers.

 Micro Mini Skirt very short dress 1
Off-Shoulder Lace Mini Skirt – $8.46

Retail Price: $8.90
You Save: $0.44

Beautiful short lace dress skirt. Thin light weight micro mini skirt made of lace. This dress appears to be transparent. Lace is always great to wear. Lace has the feel of elegance.

Very sexy.

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Well designed short skirts are very popular in our sophisticated community. Dress well at the office or for social events.

Mid thigh length for your skirt is perfectly acceptable in business circles today. Be as attractive as you want.

Of course nice shoes are a necessity. Choose your shoes carefully. Chose a pair of high heel sandals to enhance you legs and short hem line.

Micro Mini Skirt

A nice scented perfume will add to your fashion statement of the day. Choose a scent that is noticeable but subdued. Just a hint of femininity is best.



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